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Requirement Specification

Functional Requirement

Sign Up & Sign In

User must sign up to create account and if user has account already, user just sign in only then user can enter the game use their account.

Interface In Game

There are several types of games that users can play mini games such as Search, exploration and zombie. In addition, users can also see their score in the Ranking.

Function Search

Game mode "search" takes the user into the PUO map to find information about PUO buildings. For example JTMK, JKE, HEP buildings and others. 
The user can click on the building or search for the building using the search button then it will go to the building the user is looking for.

Function Exploration

users can control characters to explore the PUO map and users can play games on the PUO map such as football.

Function Zombie


Function Ranking

Users can see their rank in the Ranking to know their winnings. This rank can be seen after the user plays the Mini Game.

Function password

It helps users to change the old password to a new one.

Non Functional Requirement


When the users open the our website should able to load within 5 seconds to download and read our game.


Interactive 3D campus Tour has sign in to enter the app and it has reset password to change old password to new one so that user's account become secure.
The data of the users that using this system will automatically recorded in the database.


This system easy to use because it similar with other applications.


 This game can get at our website so this project will be available for user to download this game.

Hardware & Software Requirement

Hardware Software
PC Unity Engine
Universal Device Preview
Visual Studio Code
  • Unity Engine

  • Visual studio Code

  • MySQL

System Configuration

Download "Interactive 3D Campus Tour" game

To download our application, user can use any browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and more to search our website. The ‘tourpuov2.gementar.com’ is an our
website and user can get our application in our website. User just click button download at our website then it automatic download the  application. After user 
finish download, user must sign up first to enter the game. The List of user sign up are recorded in the database. User can select game mode to start the game.

Security Design

Sign In

User need to fill in their username and password in order to login to the app. Whenever someone enters a blank form, wrong username or wrong password it will 
pop-up an error messages.


User also can change their own password to secure their account.


We discuss implementing Anti-Cheat in our project which is avoiding other users to change our code. We want our project always well to use without any problem such as hacking and cheating.

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