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Project Plan

Alif Asyrafi 2022/07/29 13:27


Interactive 3D campus tour Application is a video game created using the Unity game engine that can be installed and run using Windows 10, Android and HTML5 Web platforms. This PUO Interactive 3D Tour Application was developed to introduce Ungku Omar Polytechnic to youths who love to play games.

The interactive 3D campus tour application is an application that helps users to get to know the buildings of the polytechnic. This application will also have several types of modes such as search, exploration and zombie. Exploration and zombie mode is a game mode where users can play games in the application.

In the Search game, we only focus on campus A because we try to help students know the location of important buildings such as the HEP building, Administration, and others. The building we have completed is not 100% the same as the original and we have made the building 70% the same as the original.

Problem Statement

Based on my observations, many students still do not know about Ungku Omar polytechnic, especially students who have just entered the polytechnic. Students who do not know the polytechnic building will be difficult to go to the location they want to go to such as the Shipping building. This causes students late to go to class due to the wrong building.

In addition, students also lack knowledge about the programs offered and the function of each building in PUO. This allows students to become confused when misunderstood about the programs offered and the functions of the building.

Next, we do not know how to want to promote PUO to the new generation i.e. a generation that loves to play games. This result in the young generation lost interest in studies and thus this will lower the numbers of new students interested in furthering their studies.


  • To build up community from outside of Ungku Omar Polytechnic institusion community.
  • To help users to know about location by search, information of facilities and courses that are offered in institution.
  • To promote institution to variety of users, especially to youngster and institutions newcomers.

Project Scope

  1. Interactive 3D campus Tour Application has 75% building coverage of Ungku Omar Polytechnic map.
  2. This project will use the Unity Game Engine application.
  3. Can be used through Windows and Browser platforms
  1. This Interactive 3D campus Tour Application is developed for new students who are new to about PUO.
  2. In addition, it can help promote PUO to the new generation with the 'Mini Game' so that the new generation can know PUO more deeply.

Project Signification

This Interactive 3D campus Tour Application is developed for new students who are new to about PUO Application gives a good impact to the community because the project we developed helps the community to get to know about Ungku Omar Polytechnic. Our project has a ‘Mini Game’ like exploration and zombie to the community so that it can attract people to know PUO well. Users will easily know about every functionality available in PUO.

Literature Riview

Below are some of the Virtual College Tour that we have gone through:

1) University of Arizona

University of Arizona is a map that can be used by everyone to find out information about the university. This website also has interesting features such as users can explore in the map. This website also provides interesting pictures of buildings along with information about the buildings. So, University of Arizona only provides a website platform for use.

2) Rice University, Texas Rice university, Texas allows users to use this map to explore the University. In this website, the map provides locations, tours, and transit to make it easier for users to find a place they want to go. For example, in this tour, they provide a Rice admission self-guided tour to make it easier users know the building. Users can use this map in the website and android.

3) Chapman University, California

Chapman university map has location and tour in the map. The tour in this map makes it easy for users to find the location of the building in the map. Users are provided with information about the building when the user clicks on the building. This map uses 2D and the platform that can be used by users is android and website.

4) Colorado state University, Colorado

This map uses has a mini map on the lower left side that can help users find the location they are going to. This map can explore inside and outside the building. This can help users to know the inside of a building. This map can only be used on the website.



We use AGILE methodology to develop our software. An agile software development process always starts by documenting a vision statement on a scope of problems, opportunities, and values to be addressed. Then the idea that had been discussed, develop it into small features and every result for every step can be used to make it better.

  1. Reasons for Agile Selection:
  • minimize risk when adding new functionality.
  • Can make changes when necessary
  • Allows us to see the performance of our projects more clearly

1) Pre-Production

In the pre-production, we discussed about the idea and concept for the game that we want to create and document it for further process.

2) Production

For the production process, we design, develop and test the game but the game is not fully functional and not all features are featured in this phase.

3) Post-Production

In this phase, the game is fully functional, and all the features discussed have been featured. The zombie game is published for beta tester to test the game and they can rate the game and give comment on what is missing. After the beta testing phase, we publish the game to the public.

Gantt Chart

Cost Planning

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