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Alif Ashrafi 2022/08/10 07:27

Final Design

Logical Design

Flow Chart & Data Flow Diagram

For our Project have 2 logical design project are Flow Chart and Data Flow Diagram. Data Flow Diagram have 3 level is context diagram,
Level 0 and Level 1.we use a flow chart to explain the process to make our project. So it is very suitable and can help us to make a project
this is fine.

* Data Flow Diagram

Context Diagram DFD Level 0

DFD Level 1 for Registration DFD Level 1 for Log in DFD Level 1 for Forgot Password

* Flow Chart

Physical Design


Users can search for the name and location of Ungku Omar Polytechnic in the game search mode. In Search, users will be given information to control 
this game and users can also search for information by using the Search button or clicking on the building they want to search for.


Exploration is slightly different from search where in Exploration the user can control the character to explore in the Ungku Omar Polytechnic map. In Exploration,
there are several types of games available such as Run to Bulding, Building info and Football. So users can explore while playing the provided games.



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